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Flea markets & antique Fairs Kyoto? 2004/9/18 17:51
I'm travelling to Kyoto late January 2005 for 12 days, and I would like to wander around the markets, looking for old armour and sword fittings. Does anyone know where I can find the information on the location and dates of these shrine markets and antique fairs?

Mant thanks
by Bruce Pickering  

Toji Temple 2004/10/3 02:21
I found out through internet research that Toji Temple in Kyoto is one of their biggest flea markets. It is on the 21st of each month. I hope to check it out this month (Oct 2004). If I make it, I will let you know how it is. In the meantime, just enter "Toji Temple flea market" in your search engine (I find "Googling" the best).
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Toji and Kitanojinja 2004/10/3 12:58
Are the big flea markets in Kyoto. As mentioned, Toji is on the 21st of each month, and Kitano's is around the 25th or 26th. Most guidebooks mention when these flea markets are.

I've been to both, and I highly recommend going to at least one. Both have antiques/used cultural stuff such as kimono and scrolls as well as new things that are more everyday.

Toji is probably more convenient because it's not far from Kyoto station (15-20 minute walk tops).

I was thrilled at the Kitano one because I was able to buy a brazier and kettle for tea that worked for a very reasonable price.

And, you can bargain with the sellers, so don't be shy!
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Kyoto flea market 2004/10/4 07:34
Regarding the Kyotot flea market on the 21st of each month, does anyoen know what happens if the 21st is on a national holiday? I will be in Kyoto on March 21 and that is a holiday (equinox) so I need to know if it will be held that day or put off due to the holiday...
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If my memory serves correctly 2004/10/5 00:16
I was there on a national holiday, perhaps the March 21st one. It was going on regardless of the holiday, in fact, it was probably more busy because more people like myself had the day off.

Anyone else confirm?
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Every 21st OPEN 2004/10/19 14:15
No matter if it rains, snows, national holiday, the 21st there is the market at the Toji and the 25th at the Kitano Tenmangu Temples. If the weather is really bad, some vendors will not be there. But can get cheaper deals!
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Toji Temple Market on 1st of Sunday? 2006/4/5 10:15
I am going to the toji temple fair, but i am not sure which one I want to attend, the one on the first sunday of the month, or the 21st of each month. I am an antiques dealer and need only antiques, is it better to go to the bigger one on the 21st, or the smaller one on the 1st sunday?
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Military collectibles 2007/10/14 21:16
I wonder if anyone out there might know of any markets,shops or other similar places in Kyoto or the surrounding area that I can pick up WW2 Japanese military items please?
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Toji Temple Antique Fair 2007/12/1 05:41
I was in Kyoto not too long ago and walked from the New Miyako Hotel, about 15 mins.I just kept the temple pagoda i sight and came across a a gathering of merchants in stalls selling everything from food, kimonos, pottery, swords, bonsai, goldfish,books, prints, handmade chopsticks, and various flea market specials. I found it to be a time warp in the old templegrounds as I am sure that this has been going on since Kyoto was built. Various wares being sold to whoever that was interested. Unique and wonderful truly one of the highlights of shopping in Japan. The choices from second hand items to quality antiques, as well as new products to fresh food a must see and do.

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