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Where to eat in Tokyo and Osaka? 2012/6/11 22:39
So, I'm asking the experts here again. Can someone tell me any good lunch spots in Tokyo that is near Shibuya and/or Harajuku that is affordable? Also, can someone name me a restaurant near Momofuku Ando Instant Ramen Museum (Ikeda, near Osaka on a Sunday) that is good yet affordable? Thanks people!
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Re: Where to eat in Tokyo and Osaka? 2012/6/12 10:14
In Shibuya, Horaitei for tonkatsu: http://www.bento.com/rev/0384.html
or Matsukawa for eel: http://www.bento.com/rev/3290.html

Or just go to the new Hikarie mall across from Shibuya station and explore.
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Re: Where to eat in Tokyo and Osaka? 2012/6/13 03:07
Ramen museum:http://janneinosaka.blogspot.ca/2008/03/cup-noodle-museum.html

You do know that your JR pass will not take you there don't you? It is on the Takarazuka Hankyu line starting at Umeda-Hankyu
station (across from JR Osaka station)

You will find lots of cheap restaurants near or even inside rail stations, and also in malls, departments stores etc. that are near major stations.

For example in Kita-Osaka there is an underground mall (Hankyu san-ban gai). with over 100 restaurants in the lower level. That mall--across the street from JR Osaka) is connected to several other underground malls!

There are 4 department stores around a square that has also 3 rail stations--one of them JR Osaka. Each department store has floors with nothing but restaurants.

Minami-Osaka also has lots and lots of restaurants around Dotonbori river, by the departments stores etc.

Some have photos of dishes with prices in the window, others are realistic wax models of the dishes, with prices, in the windows.

Finding places to eat for a reasonable price is easy. Choosing where to go when one has so many choices is the hard part.
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Re: Where to eat in Tokyo and Osaka? 2012/6/13 09:47
When you say 'affordable', what price range are you talking about? 500 yen or 1,000 yen?
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Re: Where to eat in Tokyo and Osaka? 2012/6/13 13:13
I know my JR Pass won't take me there but it's just a small fee by the Hankyu train. Sure Japan makes me difficult to choose what to eat!! Oishii! Thanks :)
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Re: Where to eat in Tokyo and Osaka? 2012/6/13 13:13
Affordable is compared to my country where a basic sandwich and a small coffee, plus the practically compulsory tip is about $ 10 in most places. A single dish in a restaurant is easily $ 15-20 plus tax and tip. Not that I eat out often in my hometown..not anymore.

So I'll say between 500 to 1000 Yen. One has to be realistic. Even a tiny restaurant need to pay a couple of staff, buy the food, pay the rent, taxes, utilities..

You can eat real cheap every so often by buying food at a convenience store like 7-11. I don't drink beer, carbonated fruit juices, Pepsi,Coke...so this keep my expenses low.
But I do like to have a nicer Japanese meal once a day..may be Yen 2000-2500...and don't care how much their ice cream or yogurt Sundays cost..I got to have one every few days.
I also seldom stay longer than 7-10 days abroad as the biggest expenses are hotels.
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