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My Noodle adventure 2012/6/11 23:57

I am kinda "addicted" to Noodle soup and every time I am in Japan during for holidays I am looking for the best Noodle shops and try out various noodle soup that they provide.

Now I heard there are a few shops in japan that have a "legendary" status. Shops that if you wanna eat there its not uncommon to wait 1-3 hours in a line just to eat.

My question is the following:

1. Does anyone know one of these legendary shops around Osaka?

2. Anyone have recommendations on noodleshops? Ofcourse I love exploring them myself while I am there. But I do love to take in feedback from others too.

The only kind of noodlesoup I dislike a bit is "seafood ramen/Udon" But other then that there has been very little that I didnt enjoy! And there are still soooooooo many flavors that I definitely wanna try out!

Anyone who can lend me a hand in my "Taste the best noodle soup" adventure.

by Marfjuhhh  

Re: My Noodle adventure 2012/6/12 21:27
Check this site out. This is the Osaka best best ramen. I don't know which one is seafoods broth or not...but it should help.

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Re: My Noodle adventure 2012/6/12 22:36
Thank you very much! Very helpful website!

I am going to enjoy finding and tasting them ^_^

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