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Tickets to One Piece Premier Show 2012 2012/6/12 17:37

I will be travelling to Osaka this summer and would like to visit the One Piece Premier Show. However, the tickets will need to be purchased in advanced.

As my time in Osaka is limited, is there anyway that i can purchase the tickets before i arrive Osaka or is there any ticketing counter at Kansai Airport?

Thanks everyone for the help!!
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Re: Tickets to One Piece Premier Show 2012 2012/6/13 11:41
If you will be in Japan, but not Osaka, you can purchase tickets in advance at a Lawson convenience store between June 8, 12pm and July 21, 3pm.

These stores are everywhere so finding on won't be a problem but I'm not sure if they have English displays.

There are some sites established for helping people navigate the machines.
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Re: Tickets to One Piece Premier Show 2012 2012/6/13 18:50
If you are talking about the "Loppi" ticketing machine located in Lawson convenience stores, the advance ticket sales starts from 12:00 of June 8 until 15:00 two days before the show (meaning, if you want to buy the ticket for July 7, you can purchase them until 15:00 of July 5, provided they are not booked out by then).

If you want to buy through "Loppi" machine, you need the "L code number: 50070" as the identifier for that show. You might have to ask the store clerk to help you with the transaction.
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