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Can a 12yr old girl do anime Voice acting? 2012/6/16 20:45
I am 12 and I loooovvee anime! I am very good at all kinds of accents (especially American and british) have done lots of acting and singing and I am going to take Japanese gcse's and drama gcse's I am learning Japanese and know people with a recording studio and connections to animators. I really want to get into this professionally when I am older but is their any way to start now? I know i will need a demo tape but what should I put on it? I have no trouble travelling for jobs but will I need to? Is there anything I can do to get an edge in ? Thank you very much for reading this and any help will be highly appreciated! also I have very big eyes and I dare say look very anime - ish I am interested in jpop how can I break into this ? 🇯🇵
by English rose 🌹 (guest)  

Re: Can a 12yr old girl do anime Voice acting? 2012/6/17 14:11
English rose,

What country or city do you live in? Because, certainly it would be difficult to start a career elsewhere.
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Re: Can a 12yr old girl do anime Voice acting? 2012/6/29 05:47
1. Youtube is your answer:
Make your own channel. Post some relative videos... (eg. Singing JPOP, Japanese quotes/poetry, Anime dialogues etc)
2. Join/Make a Fan-Dub group:
Try your hand (uh! Voice) at dubbing for ur Fav. Anime
3. Make a Website: Write up a Bio & Leave some voice samples online. Make fellow friends and Link your pages with eachothers.

lastly, Cos-play... Bring out that Character in you.

Don't forget Studies are V. Important no matter what.
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Re: Can a 12yr old girl do anime Voice acting? 2012/6/29 08:12
As someone who has been voice acting for 11 years, the realistic answer is, no, probably not. However, I don't want to deny you your dream. Where voice acting and singing is concerned, HIMEKA is from my country, Canada, and is now an idol in Japan. However, she started off on youtube and in fandub projects (I was in one with her a long time ago, even.)

The voice acting industry is extremely EXTREMELY competitive. Work on your range and your acting ability. Like mentioned above, start on youtube. Develop skills. Don't look into going pro until you've, at the very least, graduated High School. From there, audition and take post-secondary acting classes.

If you have any questions about the industry, feel free to ask.
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