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Yasunari Kawabata book 2012/6/17 10:05
Hello. Iwriting from Barcelona, Spain. I love Japanese culture, literature, traditions, arts in general and customs. I admire Yasunari Kawabata, and I need desesperatly buy the book ''The House of the Sleeping Beauties'', but I need the japanese version, I mean, it must be writen in japanese, not in english for example. could anybody give me the name of some japanese editorial online or suggest another idea to buy it this wonderful book? Help me, please.Thanks for advancce. Any advice will be wellcome. Regards from Barcelona.
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Re: Yasunari Kawabata book 2012/6/17 12:49

Amazon Japan is selling the book for 420 yen and has got a service sending abroad. But it souds it costs about 4,000 yen for express shipping. By regular postage may be like 500 yen or 1,000 at most as it may take a few weeks.

In Barcelona, there should be a Japanese society (nihon-jin-kai), so other option is you just visit or e-mail them to find a way to buy the book at any cheaper cost. They may have their own route to get things from Japan... Or frequestly visit a Japanese (not Korean or Chinese fake) sushi bar and get acquaintance with the chef. After getting very friendly with him, you talk about your problemmmm. Isn't it a good strategy.

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Re: Yasunari Kawabata book 2012/6/18 02:23
Thanks a lot Jay Key, I will try to enter now on Amazon Japan and try the other options you have suggest me. ILm grateful for your help. Best Regards from Barcelona. See you. Francisco.
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