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September Giants Game 2012/6/18 00:19

I'm going to be in Tokyo from the 17th September and wanted to catch a Giants game while I'm there.

I've already found the etix.com website thanks to this forum, so getting tickets isn't a problem.

However when I try to select tickets for the Swallows game on the 21st I've only got an option of two sections. Is this because the main bulk of tickets aren't on sale yet or is it really close to sold out?

I'm not sure whether or not to buy now or to wait a few months? Any help would be appreciated!
by REH (guest)  

Re: September Giants Game 2012/6/18 08:23
The Giants will release additional seats about three to four weeks before the actual game. So, start checking around mid-August for a mid-September game.
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Re: September Giants Game 2012/6/20 01:26
Thanks! I will have a look in mid-August, fingers crossed I'll get some good tickets.

As it is my first ever baseball game, any good suggestions for where to try and sit?
I don't really fancy spending a fortune but if there is a section that has good atmosphere I'll see if I can get there.
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Re: September Giants Game 2012/6/23 04:13
To be honest anywhere is great at a Giants game (if u are looking for atmosphere). You probably already know but watching a game in Japan compared to America is WAAAAAY Different. As a Japanese-American (living in LA and rooting for the Dodgers) Ive come to realize that American Baseball is boring and most people only go there to eat (or play with beach balls). At a tokyo Giants game, everyone is waaay into ACTUALLY watching the game. Every Giants player has their own song that the crowd know (and memorize) and will sing each time that person is up to bat, which just adds charm and intrest to the game.
So basically anywhere is great to watch a game in Japan (though u will never get Field seats because those are reserved specifically for Fan Club members...and when u get to the stadium you'll understand why).
One pointer though, if u arrive at the game a few hours (like maybe three) u can easily buy tickets at the Dome, and they are usually good seats too.
Anyway have fun and Lets Go Giants!!!
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Re: September Giants Game 2012/6/29 04:35
Great, thanks for the insight. I'm really looking forward to the game now!
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