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Concerts in or near Tokyo 2012/6/18 19:22
Hi all o/

Me and my friend are going to Tokyo soon from 10 to the 22nd of July. We were wondering if one of you guys can give us any info regarding concerts in or near Tokyo for these dates, we can't find anything online q.q

by Rob den Teuling  

... 2012/6/19 08:54
Some of the larger ones book out quickly, but you may find these websites useful.


Enjoy your trip!
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Re: Concerts in or near Tokyo 2012/6/19 17:43
Thank you good sir, much appreciated!
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Re: Concerts in or near Tokyo 2012/6/20 03:19
You might have a look at Club Sensation in Yokohama for a smaller night out with live music. I've never been myself but I know people who have and it always seems to geta thumbs up from them.

It's owned by Michiaki from Ra:IN

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