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Exchange Information? 2012/6/21 06:55
I recently met a Japanese musician at a cultural convention that the two of us were special guests at. He was curious about the Japanese clothes I was wearing (I'm sure due to the fact I'm clearly not Japanese), and my interest in the traditional culture. We friended each other on Facebook after the convention, offered to help each other out in the future and looking forward to working together again, and after a couple of messages back and forth, he said we should 'exchange information'.

If we were meeting in person, I would hand him my business card. Online, though, I'm not sure what is the proper response. I would appreciate any guidance!
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Re: Exchange Information? 2012/6/22 14:43
Would it be possible for him to be asking for your keitai mail address? ^_^;

Or maybe he means information in the more literal sense of good venues and events kind of thing?

You could always ask him specifically or cover both bases by saying something like, "Here's my keitai mail address. This way if we find (insert relevant information), we can send the information to each other. :)"

Good luck and hope this helped! m(._.)m
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Re: Exchange Information? 2012/6/23 13:27
To me it sounds like he wanted to say "Let's keep in touch" and it came out a bit formal, giving you the impression that he might have meant only professional information exchange, while of course I'm sure he'd appreciate any future occasion to work with you :)

Since you've met already in person (or you met first in person), I guess you don't have any issue giving him your e-mail address (besides Facebook, though FB has that "message" function too), so if you feel like, you could message him your more regularly used e-mail address :) Or you might continue via FB.
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