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Quality suits in Japan 2012/6/21 12:55
and I can't stress it enough - QUALITY lol

Anyway, I've been doing abit of research on suits in Japan as I'm planning to buy one from any of the below:

- The Suit company
- Aoki
- Aoyama
- The Super Suit Store

Now my budget is low to mid range (30,000-50,000yen) and I want a suit with a vest.

Which shop out of the four do you think sells QUALITY suits at a reasonable price.

I want it to be able to last awhile and not just a year or 2 lol I once bought a suit from one of the shops inside Marui for 50,000yen and although it was stylish, the quality was bad and it didn't last me 3 full years. So quality is king this time.

Thanks all ^_^

by RJ (guest)  

Re: Quality suits in Japan 2012/6/21 15:03
If you believe in your own words (Quality is king) then please do not buy a suit for that amount in those cheap stores!

A quality suit that fits you well (no, not those too big/short, strange colored ones that you see the salaryman in the metro wearing (of course, in addition to fancy ties with loose, funny knots)) then you need to double your budget at least.

Please do not contribute to the image that Japan has the most but at the same time the worst dressed people in suits!
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Re: Quality suits in Japan 2012/6/21 15:25
lol i got caught in the moment with my post sorry

anyway, yes quality is king but it has to be within my budget. I should've elaborated on that sentence.

Also, I think Japan has some good "Fitting" suits that cater to the modern, fashionable salaryman. Maybe, you're thinking of people in western countries like Australia where I've lived for many years and some of these people you see with their oversized suits. They may as well be zoot suits without the "zoot" part lol

If I wanted to splurge I have my eye on this hot 3 piece suit in Burberry Black label store for about 90,000yen. But that's another story and I just won't hear the end of it from my wife (who works in fashion mind u but married life squeezes abit out of your budget eh) haha

Thanks for the post anyway, I'll just have to have a look at the shops when I get holiday off from being a salaryman
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Re: Quality suits in Japan 2012/6/21 17:21
Please let me restate it: If you want quality and a suit that does not look cheap, you need to pay at least 70'000 JPY.

But if you are in desperate need of a suit, I recommend the Suit company. Be aware that you will be a lot better off, buying a cheaper suit and customize it (arms, shoulder, legs,...) rather than buying a more expensive one and leave it as is.
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Re: Quality suits in Japan 2012/6/21 18:18
I'll opt for that if I can, but for now I'm fine with already made suits since I'm not a big guy. The Japanese size M or 40 is perfect for me and it fits just right without being too tight or too loose.

I was always having trouble with sizes in Australia (either too small or too big) and first time I bought clothes in Japan I thought I was in fashion heaven and M/40 size was just made for me lol I never look back and now all my clothes (my shoes too) are from Japan.

Goodbye western clothes and hello to Japanese fashion. Yes, salaryman and casual

P.S. I'm half japanese :p
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Re: Quality suits in Japan 2012/6/22 04:59
50000 yen is the low end for tailored suits. (I paid 55,000 for my first tailored suit.)

Perhaps not from famous places but for 50,000 to 70,000 yen you can get a fully tailor made suits.

Shop or ask around and find yourself a tailor. It's worth the light bump in budget to have a suit that is perfectly fitted to your body with fabric you choose.
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Re: Quality suits in Japan 2012/6/22 14:55
Its not about getting a tailored suit OP, but to customize it according to your arms length etc. That usually does not cost you more than a few JPYs but makes a huge difference!

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Re: Quality suits in Japan 2012/6/22 15:03
like I said Japanese size M/40 (and that includes suits as well) fit me perfectly so I've never had to an alternation stop or tailor when I buy my suits here in Japan.

The only thing is the pants, They always make them longer but they are easy to change to my length.

Thanks all.
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