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Sweet Corn in Hokkaido 2012/6/24 09:12
Hi hi,
I'll be visiting Hokkaido from 26 july till 8 aug. i love corn and like to know where's the best place in hokkaido to get them.
1. Are there farms that I can visit? I'll br driving.
2. I've also heard of white corn, where can i find them?
3. How long can i keep raw corn if i would like to buy back to my country?
4. Is there any fruit farms in season during this season?
Thanks in advance!
by Hushpuppies (guest)  

Re: Sweet Corn in Hokkaido 2012/6/24 18:40

I'm a person living in Hokkaido.

Are there farms that I can visit? I'll be driving.

The farms depend on where you will visit. There are so many farms in Hokkaido for sightseeing tourists.

What airport will you arrive at? And, what airport will you leave? What route will you drive along?

I've also heard of white corn, where can i find them?

First of all, corns will be mainly shipped after mid-August, so it's "early" to get fresh corns in the end of July.

Not so many farms grow white corns (called in Hokkaido "Pure White"), because it's rather difficult to grow white corns near ordinary corns (white corns tend to change into ordinary corns due to genetic exchange
unless the farmers carefully grow white corns in an isolated area).

After mid-August, you can buy white corns grown in Hokkaido on the Internet. For example:

On average, white corns cost 2,000-3,000 yen per 10 pieces or more if you buy them on the net. So, don't forget that they are a rather expensive food.

How long can i keep raw corn if i would like to buy back to my country?

It's almost impossible to bring back to your country. The farmers growing sweet corns in Hokkaido recommend you NOT to keep raw corns for more than 3 days (if they are kept under room temperature), and NOT to keep them for more than one week (if kept in fridge). They insist that raw corns kept under room temperature will rapidly change into something tasting bad.

Is there any fruit farms in season during this season

Late July and early August are good season for picking cherries and blueberries.
If you let me know what towns and cities you will visit (in more detail) or what route you will drive along, I can introduce you nearby cherry farms or blueberry farms for tourists.
by dosanko100 rate this post as useful

Re: Sweet Corn in Hokkaido 2012/6/28 01:47
Hi Dosanko100,
Thank you for your reply. I will be arriving and leaving via Sapporo. I have not planned my driving route yet :(
However, these are the places I would love to go: (not in driving order)
- Sapporo
- Otaru
- Asahikawa
- Biei
- Furano
- Hokuryu
- Yubari (is it necessary to go here to get melons? another of my favorites ^.^)
- Lake Akan
- Lake Mashu
- Shiretoko National Park
- Obihiro (optional)
- Kushiro National Park (optional)
- Daisetsuzan National Park (optional)

Is ordinary corn in season then? :(
Are there melon farms to visit? :)

Thanks in advance!
by Hushpuppies (guest) rate this post as useful

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