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Bus from Mishima to Lake Ashi 2012/6/25 02:34

I'm interested in travelling from my hotel in Numazu to Lake Ashi. I found out that the fastest route is by using the Tokai bus of which i found a schedule. Unfortunately i cannot translate it because it's not plain text. I hope someone can help me with timetables and prices.

I'd like to know which bus to take from Mishima station on saturday from 21:00 to Lake Ashi, and a return time preferrably close to 23:00. I'm asking this because i'm interested in photographing the sunset on lake ashi. I hope late august the sun sets late on lake ashi (please correct me if it's not the case).

Thanks in advance,

Marcus Braun
by Marcus (guest)  

Re: Bus from Mishima to Lake Ashi 2012/6/25 08:05
The buses between Mishima and Hakone do not operate that late! The last bus from Mishima is at 16:15 (17:15 on weekends outside winter). In the opposite direction, the last bus leaves Hakone-machi at 16:54 (17:54).

Buses between Odawara and Lake Ashi run until around 9pm.
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Re: Bus from Mishima to Lake Ashi 2012/6/25 08:08
Sunset, by the way, is around 19:00 in mid June and around 16:30 in mid December.
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Re: Bus from Mishima to Lake Ashi 2012/6/25 15:36
Hi Uji,

Thanks for your answer. I'm afraid i will have to visit lake Ashi the next day when i'm heading to tokyo. I only have to find a solution for my big suitcases to drop off somewhere. (Don't think it's a good idea strolling around the lake with 2 large suitcases searching for a perfect spot to take a picture of the lake with fujisan in the background). I was hoping to do a sunset or sunrise image from the lake but i'm afraid that's no option coming from Numazu that late.


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Re: Bus from Mishima to Lake Ashi 2012/6/25 20:09
Any other suggestions of photographing Mt. fuji around Numazu in the afternoon would be most welcome, since i won't be able to take a bus to Lake Ashi that late.

Unfortunately i only have one night before heading to Tokyo and visiting the Shiraito-no-taki falls is also high on my list. Since i am coming from Kyoto that day, arriving in Numazu isn't possible at very early hours.


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