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Birthday present ideas 2012/6/25 08:38
Hello, I am looking for birthday present ideas for my American boyfriend. He is in early 40s and has never been to Japan.

I know everyone is different...but does anyone have any idea about gifts from Japan that he might like or enjoy?
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Re: Birthday present ideas 2012/6/25 15:11
I'm around that age but I suppose it depends on what he likes. I reckon pottery is nice, though what I always stock up on is Buden Akindo tee shirts and clothes. A dakimakura might be fun if you both have a sense of humour, but he might get attached to it
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OP here 2012/6/25 23:25
Thank you for your comment.
I forgot to write, but he is in the US and I am in Japan right now so I am going to mail the present...so I am not sure about pottery. How about a Japanese folding fan??
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Re: Birthday present ideas 2012/6/26 04:48
for a guy? Hmmm, I wouldnt be thrilled if I got one.
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Re: Birthday present ideas 2012/6/26 15:15
If it has to be posted I would go into Loft or Tokyu Hands and find a great gadget that you can only find in Japan- plenty to choose from in either store.
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