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Cheap clothing (Tokyo) 2012/6/28 06:07
Where can I find cheap clothing in Tokyo for a 18 year old male?

By cheap, I mean like less than $10 a shirt (as cheap as possible). Doesn't have to be new.
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Re: Cheap clothing (Tokyo) 2012/6/28 10:02
Try Uniqlo, Right-on, Gu, Old Navy etc. They often stock t-shirts as low as 500 yen. Maybe also check out Takeshita-dori in Harajuku.
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Re: Cheap clothing (Tokyo) 2012/6/28 13:41
There are many small shops on the steets where you can find a variety of 500 yen shirts. It looks like stock sales to clear but should be OK enough.

No matter which shop/store you go to, you better check and can find easily discounted sale items for less than $10.
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Re: Cheap clothing (Tokyo) 2012/6/29 22:19
in shimokitazawa there are a few 300 yen used clothing shops. harajuku as well. the shimokita ones are usually closed on mondays.

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Shops with cheap, high quality clothes 2012/7/4 18:20
Try Forever 21 In Ginza, Omotesando and many other Areas. Also, Gu, Uni Qlo, both in Ginza and American Eagle Outfitters in Omotesando.
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