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Gift for 12 Year old girl 2012/7/2 00:41
Hi All

So I'm on my Travels in Japan, and need a bit of advise, I have been asked to bring back a gift for a I think (12 Year old) Girl, who has recently developed an interest in Japan following a Japanese Girl moving to her School in UK.

So I have been asked to get a book or something along those lines, maybe somebody could recommend something popular amongst young girls that I can take back to UK?

And where would be best place to look for said item?

Hopefully thanks in advance
by Dean1981  

Re: Gift for 12 Year old girl 2012/7/2 09:41
Hello Kitty products?
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Re: Gift for 12 Year old girl 2012/7/2 11:21
Having daughters 15 yo and 13 yo both with Japan fascination I think Totoro products (or Ghibli generally) never go astray, and usually you can get them at the airport. Helly Kitty is always good, my kids have grown out of them though age doesnt stop the Japanese from liking them. J-pop is also pretty popular amongst that age group, but K-pop moreso. I reckon Totoro, though. Everyone likes Totoro.
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Re: Gift for 12 Year old girl 2012/7/2 16:51
Apart from Hello Kitty and Totoro both great ideas also go to the lolly/sweet section at any 7-11 or Lawsons- there are some great different lollies that you can't get anywhere else.

And anything from a capsule machine that could be hung on her school bag or mobile phone would be great too- and cheap and small to pack and take home.
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Re: Gift for 12 Year old girl 2012/7/3 12:30

Since you mention books, why not get her teen magazines from Japan? Long-run magazines like "Cancam" or girl-manga magazines "Ribon" might be nice. She may not be able to read them, but they sure would be fun to look at.

I am also assuming that the request comes from the girl's older family. By bringing back informative paper material instead of internet stuff, older family members would be able to share and learn what may be going on around this young girl's world. The girl will also be able to make choices from the vast information printed in the magazines.

Hope you have fun in Japan.
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Re: Gift for 12 Year old girl 2012/7/5 16:17
Like the Idea of the magazines, should be easy enough to sort out to, as regards ghibli stuff, I have got plenty I can lend to her :-)
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