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Okinawa Airport to Hotel Travel 2012/7/2 12:11

I am traveling to Okinawa in mid-July. My flight arrives in Okinawa on weekday at 18:40 hrs and my hotel is in Onna area. Just been wondering what options I am left with to travel to Hotel when I land at 18:40? Your guidance will be highly appreciated. If possible, I want to avoid rental car option.

Thanks in advance
by Ray Gardener (guest)  

Re: Okinawa Airport to Hotel Travel 2012/7/2 14:59
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Re: Okinawa Airport to Hotel Travel 2012/7/7 15:19
Thanks for the information. Sorry one more question. Which bus stop would be closer to Okinawa Kariyushi Beach Resort Ocean Spa in Onna area? Thanks in advance.
by Ray Gardener (guest) rate this post as useful

Re: Okinawa Airport to Hotel Travel 2012/7/7 16:23
I searched Kariyushi Beach Resort on Google Maps. It is in between 名嘉真 Nakama and ブセナリゾート前 Busena resort Mae. There are three bus stops, and I THINK 伊武部 Inbu is nearest to Kariyushi. The 1910 bus will arrive Inbu at 2126 while 1945 bus will arrive at 2156. But I am not so confident, then you should ask the bus driver to let you know the nearest bus stop to Kariyushi. I think you should better not speak English but just say "Sumimasen" and show your hotel name printed on a paper, preferably in Japanese.


Okinawa is a very nice place. I hope you will enjoy your stay at Okinawa.
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