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Advices for surface mail 2012/7/5 21:11
I'm going to send some of my stuff back to my country by surface mail because it's the cheapest, but I guess during those 3 months, that box will go through a lot of stuff, haha.

So my questions are: should I expect to get my box squished and destroyed? Should I not put certain things inside it if I want to see them in one piece ever again?

If you know other things I should take into consideration, please tell me. Thanks!
by Cristina (guest)  

Re: Advices for surface mail 2012/7/6 14:19
I don't know to which country you are shipping your stuff - depending on the destination the box can go through quite hot climate, so beware of food stuffs that might melt (if in summer). Also expect the box to go through a lot of pressure (from being piled up on top of one another), so pack well, put crumpled up newspaper and bubble wrap to fill the space to minimize things moving around in the box and to prevent the box from getting completely crushed. Place "FRAGILE" stickers on the box :)

Having said that, a box of cookies, some chocolate-covered, sent from continental Europe to Japan survived the surface mail ride (placed with surface mail by mistake) to me in Tokyo, though in winter/spring, so it's not that hopeless :)
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Re: Advices for surface mail 2012/7/7 23:54
I dont know what you are going to ship or how you package your stuff. But I have never had any problems. And if you do its most likely to been couse in the destinations borders and not japan =)

Surface is pretty good, all they do is loading it in containers and it got to lay there in a month. Its the handling from the post offices that could damage it. But I would say that if its not any heavy stuff you are cool.
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Re: Advices for surface mail 2012/7/8 04:33
Over the years i have sent over 10 boxes to Europe from Japan bij the cheapest way 'surface' and had never any damage. Except maybe 1 or 2 times the boxes were 'as new'. In the 1 or 2 times the boxes were on the corner a litlle bit rounded. I used either the standard Japan Post boxes 32*22*39 or 33*35*44 or simular boxes i got my hands on. I did pack breakable things but made shure that no pressure could be put on those items.

For my country in Europe it takes about 7-8 weeks. You can track the shipment by the tracking number but this is not that helpfull. In 1-2 days it leaves Japan and then you get no status untill the package reach your country. And than it is delivered in about 1-2 days. So for the longest period you get no information.

Here http://www.japan-guide.com/forum/quereadisplay.html?0+79937 you van get some more information on shipping boxes.

Have fun.
B. Slager
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Re: Advices for surface mail 2012/7/8 16:38
Thank you so much for all the answers!

@B. Salger: I'm glad to hear yours got to Europe in one piece, my country is in Europe as well.
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