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Self-discipline 2012/7/6 09:26
Hi from Portugal!

I'm a 21 years old student and im getting a little lazy over the years. I want to become a active person and get some self discipline to do my work and build my dreams.
From history, everybody knows that Japanese people are the most disciplined people, and that bring they to sucess. I just wanna know about some books, or guides to teach me to be more self disciplined. I wanna accomplish objectives in my life and i need some hard discipline to guide me in my entire life.

Any kind of help i will be very please : )

Greets from Portugal, a country in a economic disaster :(
by TiagoSilva  

Re: Self-discipline 2012/7/6 17:52
I learned Self-Discipline from movies called Rocky, and another one was Taxi Driver...

Joking aside, if Japanese are really self-disciplined than others, I don't think we learn it from the books or movies. Maybe old tales tell us about a thing or two, but it's probably how our culture is. Only book I can think of is gBushidoh by Inazo Nitobe written in 1899 for western audiences.

Maybe you join Judo or Kendo Club? Japanese "do" means "the way" and most Japanese martial artists reflect the teachings onto the way they live till death. If you are lucky enough to find Japanese Sensei or Japanese-trained Portuguese Sensei, you might have a bit of it.
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Re: Self-discipline 2012/7/7 11:52
Techniques I used to increase self discipline:

- When I should do something but don't want to I tell myself "You don't have to want to do something to be able to do it."

- Write down start and end times I'm actually engaged in a task. At first it was far less time than I thought because the amount of time lost in breaks etc. gets big fast.

- When I put something off for later it's because I trust my future self to be more disciplined than my present self. He's not, so I tell myself that.

- Post on the wall a list of things to be done daily, tasks in the columns, dates in the rows. Check the ones you did each day. Start with very small versions of the tasks you want to do. For example, I hate stretching but want to do it every day. So my first daily target was stretch 1 muscle on both limbs. Later upped it to 2 muscles, 3, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, etc. I also use a weekly list.

- Now get up RIGHT NOW and do something you've been putting off.

- If not now, when?
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Re: Self-discipline 2012/7/8 02:30
Hi TiagoSilva

I'm a native Japanese living in Japan.

Basically, self discipline is a kind of patience. Imagine how you will behave when you want to eat something much. Do you eat it as much as you can? It is important for you then to eat it moderately (not too much) so that you can keep your body weight within a healthy range. Usually, I do NOT eat every food as much as I can, because I want to live longer.

Also, imagine what will happen in Africa when a big tsunami wave hits the coast of an African country. You will (probably) see there that many people fall over each other with trying to get more emergency foods. I am talking about something like a riot (predatory attack) in 2010's Haiti. To avoid such social confusions, I think, everyone need to have a little more patience like Japanese people. As you saw in 2011's tsunami disaster in Japan, there were no riots and very few thieves in all affected areas of Japan, because everyone here likes to live in a stable society, and knows patience is the most important.

If you now have any financial problem due to the well-known economic disaster in Portugal, accept the problem as it is, and be patient with everything. It's important for you not to behave like violent Greek public employees.
Even if you behave violently, no one can solve your problem easily.
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