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I need help finding my mother 2012/7/6 16:02
I am 35 years old and live in the USA. 34 years ago my Korean mother left my American father and moved back to Korea and then ended up in Okinawa, Japan. My last contact with her was almost 20 years ago. I don't know if she is still there or not and have no idea how to go about finding her. Any advise?
by Crystal (guest)  

Re: I need help finding my mother 2012/7/7 09:34
I would start the search in Korea first.
She may still have ties to her homeland.
You have her name. do you have her hometown?
Anyway, I would contact the Korean Embassey in your area to start.
The Japanese consulate may help if she is still in Japan, she could be a Japanese citizen by now.
Good luck!!!
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Re: I need help finding my mother 2012/7/8 12:10
I'm going to agree with the above poster. Try contacting your local Korean embassy first - if you have any information regarding her family, that could help too. The Japanese government can only help if she's still in Japan. Did she hold a US passport or a Korean one?
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Re: I need help finding my mother 2012/7/12 16:52
Maybe contact these people?


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