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Baseball game, starting time and how crowded? 2012/7/10 13:06

I'm going to a Hanshin Tigers baseball game in Osaka on August 11th, which is a Saturday. I'm taking a night bus afterwards to Tokyo and I have some questions about how long it takes to go to a baseball match.

1) A baseball match is usually 2-3 hours, right?

On this website it says, that the game starts at 18:00 (18:00開始)
My friend, who bought the ticket, thinks it starts around 18:30.

2) What time does the actual game start and at what time should we arrive at the stadium, Osaka Dome?

3) At what time do you think the game will finish at the latest?

4) When the game finishes, does it take a long time to get out of there i.e. is it very crowded and slow to move?

I'm asking, because I'm thinking about which night bus I should take. Yes, it's the Willer Express and yes, I know I should be at the bus stop 30 mins before departure.
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Re: Baseball game, starting time and how crowded? 2012/7/11 13:46
1. It takes about 3 hours plus/minus. No way for 2 hours unless you attend a perfect game or something.

2. When the ticket says it starts 18:00, it starts 18:00 plus/minus 1 minute. I would try to arrive there 30 minute before, but you can go there by 18:00 unless you don't mind missing any part of the game.

3. The rule applied last year since 3.11, they will not go into any extra inning after 21:30. So it will be finishing before 22:00 at latest.

4. It shouldn't take long to get out of the dome. Maybe 10 minutes after you leave your sheats?? You can leave a bit earlier than the game is over so that you can avoid some unnecessary crowd.

Hanshin fans are crazy... and you will have fun watching them.
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