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Northern Light 2012/7/10 14:19
Recently I was in Tromso, Norway and heard a strange story about many young Japanese couples coming to Tromso during the winter for the Northern Light (Aurora Borealis) because they believe that babies made during this Northern Light are smarter. Is this true and if so, why do they think that the Northern Light make babies smarter?
by Frank (guest)  

Re: Northern Light 2012/7/10 17:18
It sounds like some travel agency came up with that story to entice honeymooners to travel to Norway... Some people can make advertisement lines out of anything...
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Re: Northern Light 2012/7/10 23:24
Hi Frank

You seem to be a frank person.
Travel agencies all over the world always describe sightseeing spots in an exaggerated way, so don't take it seriously. The story is a kind of advertising tactics to attract more tourists. Of course, I don't think that babies born during this Northern Light are smarter.

In Japan, there are many travel agencies which describe West and North European countries to be extremely beautiful than what they are. Also in your country, you might have seen travel brochures describing Japan extremely beautiful than what it is. Such exaggerated descriptions can be seen everywhere in the world.
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Re: Northern Light 2012/7/11 05:12
The Moon is in the seventh house.....
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