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protein bars? 2012/7/11 01:19
Ok, so I live off of protein bars (great go-to snack for me when I am on the run or when I wake up late in the mornings and need a quick bite).

I know I'm going to JAPAN and I'll be loaded with protein anyways (fish, soy, I get it) but as far as nutrition/protein bars goes, are there any good ones available?
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Re: protein bars? 2012/7/13 13:28
I usually bring my own from the US when I travel to Japan.

That said, I am gluten-free and cannot eat soy sauce, noodles, and the list goes on. I depend on my protein bars when I am in rural areas where the food options for a gluten-free person are few and far between.

There may be other types of protein bars in Japan, but the one I see most often is Soy Joy.

It wouldn't be a bad idea to pack some of your favorite bars.

Have Fun!
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Re: protein bars? 2012/7/13 15:03
You can buy some type of protein bars at convenience store,supermarket,or drug store.Soy Joy has many types of fravor.Also they have calorie mate.
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Re: protein bars? 2012/7/14 09:31
You will see a bunch of Sports suppliment stores popping up all over the palce now.
Its even better than what you have in the USA and what we have back in AUS as they dont have the same restrictions that we have. So this means all the good stuff goes to places like the UK, Japan and simlare countires. Id still bring a couple fo your favs as it will be a try as you go thing.
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