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Jpop music event 2012/7/11 11:19
I've long been in love with j-pop music, and I wonder if any music event is scheduled for the coming summer.
I would especially love to see Ayu Hamasaki and ELT live.
Any information will be greatly appreciated!
by Brodsky (guest)  

Re: Jpop music event 2012/7/11 16:08
Hi, Brodsky

There is an annual big music event by Avex Trax. This music event is called "a-nation."

This year's a-nation concerts are scheduled to be held at Ajinotomo Stadium of Tokyo on August 25 and 26, and at Nagai Stadium of Osaka on August 18 and 19.

Music artists currently expected to be invited to 2012's a-nation concerts:

AAA (Triple A)
Sandaime J Soul Brothers
Sonar Pocket
Acid Black Berry
Do As Infinity
Shonan no Kaze
Super Junior
Ayumi Hamasaki: she will appear only on August 26 (the final day)
ELT (Every Little Thing): ELT will appear on August 18 and 26.
Big Bang (South Korean band)
Toho Shinki (South Korean band)

Note that all of these artists will appear only on a specific date. There is no artists who will appear on all days.

All a-nation concerts (those on August 18, 19, 25 and 26) will start at 15:30 and continue until night. You can enter the a-nation concert even 2 hours earlier than the start time.

Admission fee: 9,800 yen (expensive!) This is an advance ticket fee. Day ticket fee might be different. If you buy a day ticket from a scalper there, you will pay more.

Unfortunately, advance tickets for almost all a-nation concerts are going to become not available today's midnight or tomorrow's midnight. Here is its official announcement (written in Japanese):

If you definitely want to see Ayu and ELT, get a day ticket in front of the Ajinomoto stadium in the early morning of August 26. You will see then so many people are standing in line to get a day ticket. Staying in front of the stadium overnight might be needed to get a day ticket.

Here are several YouTube videos showing previous a-nation concerts:

AAA (2009's a-nation concert)

Girl Next Door (2010's a-nation concert)
As you may know, Girl Next Door is a popular Avex Trax band of one girl-vocalist and two male musicians. This band's most popular songs are Infinity and Dadapara (my recommended songs):

Ayu (2010's a-nation concert)

Do you know how to access to the Ajinotomo stadium? Do you plan to stay in Tokyo on August 26 or in Osaka on August 19?

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Re: Jpop music event 2012/7/11 16:54
Dear dosanko100-san,
Thank you for the informative answer, a gazilliion times over!

As I was browsing through the "a-nation" official website you refer to, I stumbled on their English-translation page...


and even a tour package page...


, with prices that made me do a double take :)

I haven't decided on Tokyo or Osaka yet, but considering all the talents appearing for the shows, and watching all the youtube videos, my heart is set firm on going to japan for the concert. Might as well consider booking a tour package, after all.

Anyhow, thanks again for your help. It has indeed been helpful! Arigato!!
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Re: Jpop music event 2012/7/11 17:08
Hiya again.

It was a big surprise for me to find the "a-nation" official website written in English.

Also, I was very surprised to see that the prices for participating a-nation tours are very very expensive.

Thank you for introducing the surprising website to me. You're very lucky.
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