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Good ryokan in Tokyo? 2004/4/26 11:33
Hey. I will be visiting a friend in Tokyo and I want to stay in a ryokan. Does anyone know of any nice ones at reasonalbe prices? Also has anyone stayed at Tama Ryokan or Taito Ryokan? Were they nice? Thank you.
by Tara  

Kimi Ryokan 2004/5/4 03:12
I visited Tokyo a couple of months ago and spent the first night at Kimi Ryokan.


I'd describe it as "clean and cheap" (about $65 for two people). The rooms were very small. The desk clerk spoke English.

For a more "traditional japanese" experience, you might try Homeikan


It's not too far from Tokyo Dome. It's a bit difficult to find. It's also a bit more expensive than Kimi (about $100 for two people).

For other ryokans, take a look at the Japanese Inn Group homepage.


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Sawanoya Ryokan 2004/7/2 02:38
My personal recommendation is the Sawanoya Ryokan:


as the staff is always nice, the rooms are cheap but clean and the owner has a pet bird that he's had for 27 years and often walks around the ryokan with it on his shoulders!
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I recommend Kimi 2004/7/16 20:33
I have stayed at Kimi a few times when visiting Tokyo. It is cheap, comfortable and quiet, staff friendly and helpful. Ikebukuro is inexpensive area, plenty of good restaurants in Tobu above station. Subway direct to Tokyo/Ginza area, or Yamanote line; both only a few minutes walk away.
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Reservation at kimi ryokan 2004/9/14 00:23
Anyone know how i can make reservations at kimi-ryokan? The website doesn't list an email address..
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Kimi Ryokan 2005/6/4 18:47
Was going through these old messages, and found this one about the Kimi Ryokan. Does anyone know if it has a private bath and toilet in each room? I've been to their website but it doesn't answer the question, also it's not clear if the quoted rate is per room, or per person? If anyone knows the answers it'd be much appreciated! And lastly how do I make a booking? It's not listed on the website!

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Tokyo Ryokan 2005/6/5 10:28
Hi Tara,

As Tama Ryokan is located close to JR's Takadanobaba station, it should be quite convenient but I would say that the area may be less tidy and quite busy. Taito Ryokan has easy acess to a lot of tourist spots, too. If you are tight on your budget, either will probably do. There are also other similr types of Ryokan in Tokyo you might want to look into.


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kimi ryokan and star hotels 2005/6/5 16:13
the rooms at kimi ryokan are without private bath/toilet. Price is per person. If you need something in a higher quality, but still reasonable ( for Tokyo )in the same area see: http://www.star-hotel.co.jp/
all rooms with private bath/toilet
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ANDON RYOKAN TOKYO 2005/8/19 14:13
I use the info on this page as a lead to my hotel booking in Tokyo. There is no internet booking for Kimi. Called Kimi, I dont agree they have friendly staff. And they have a curfew fr 1am - 7am. And they strictly adhere to the "closing time".

I need to ask if ANDON RYOKAN is really convenient? As I see it is out of Yamanote line. And, do they have in room shower??
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Untidy, busy, yes, but ... 2005/10/14 16:14
As co-manager of Tama Ryokan, I must admit that the area is "untidy and busy". However, the rooms are fairly quiet, and the convenience of location is quite good -- I've gotten on the Tozai line on rainy days without bothering with an umbrella, that's how close the exit is.

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toukaisou ryokan 2006/4/22 18:49
I reserve at toukaisou ryokan for August 2006. It seems very cheaper and located in a very good place, Asakusa.
There is someone that stay here before and can tell me if it is good? Thanks
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Asakusa Ryokan 2006/4/23 14:43
Any advice on the Sukeroku No Yado Sadachiyo in Asakusa ?
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Toukaisou ryokan 2006/4/30 01:38
Please answer me if someone stay in this ryokan before....thanks
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minato-ku ryokan 2007/3/24 11:44
any ryokan near minato-ku? please suggest -
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Tama Ryokan? 2007/5/2 17:22
I'm planning a trip in the Kanto area, and plan to cover Ikebukuro, Haraujuku and Shibuya. I wanted to make reservation with House Ikebukuro but they are fully booked. I'm looking into Tama Ryokan, and wonder if anyone has stayed there, is it good? And how easy is it to travel on the Yamanote Line to the above mentioned places?
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Toukaisou Ryokan 2007/12/27 21:18
Stayed at Toukaisou Ryokan a week ago when I visited Tokyo. A really great place to stay at. The staff is really friendly, the entire place feels very homely. Private bath and toilet, and its located so near to Tawaramachi station! Simply love this Ryokan! Will reccomend anyone to stay here!
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Tama Ryokan 2008/1/1 05:24
I recommend Tama Ryokan as well. It's located in a busy area near Shinjuku but still in a private small lane, so it's not that noisy.

The subway is just across the small lane, so it's very convenient. The best thing is the owner who is a middle age lady with a chubby cat. I arrived the ryokan around 10AM but she let me in as an early check-in. Very kind indeed ..
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Re: Sakura Hostel 2008/1/7 00:36
For reviews of Sakura,or many other hotels in Japan, try Trip Advisor at:



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