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Girls and Shorts 2012/7/13 06:33
i am 20 and a female, i will be doing a lot of traveling. at night i plan to wear smart clothing - maxi dresses/skirts however during the day is it acceptable to wear shorts? if so how long? anything like here in the UK?
Iv read loads of different arguments but they all seem outdated. Help me.. i need to pack soon i am leaving on the 19th july for 3 weeks
by G Con (guest)  

Re: Girls and Shorts 2012/7/13 11:20

I think pretty much 50% of the girls in my university wear shorts during the summer. I see a lot of short skirts too.

I think that young girls wear shorter shorts more often here compared to europeans, for example.
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No problem 2012/7/13 15:02
G Con,

Very short shorts seem to be "in" this summer and I'm already seeing many 20-ish girls wearing them in commuter trains of Tokyo. In this season, they mostly wear them on bare legs with either tough sneakers or sandles with heals.

As you've suggested, fashion changes every year. This is what you get from the keyphrase "short pants 2012" in Japanese on Google Image.
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Re: Girls and Shorts 2012/7/13 21:04
shorts (called short pants in japanese) have been really popular for at least the last 5 year and there's no sign of letting up

you can find them in any clothing shop for young females

wearing them is totally fine but if they're super short they may invite the nanpa guys when you're walking around areas like shibuya or shinjuku
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Re: Girls and Shorts 2012/7/17 07:37
Many Japanese girls combine the short skirts with over-knee socks. Looks cute, so I don't see a problem :)

This year, I've seen girls wearing short pants by the hundreds. One after another. So no problem there, either.

I guess you should be wary not to go "too casual" with your clothing, so to speak. And also dress appropriately (meaning conservative) when going to traditional places.
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