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Mt. Fuji and haunted forest? 2012/7/15 22:48
Hey guys

My Japanese partner told me that the forest around Mt. Fuji is haunted because so many ppl have killed them selfs and you can easily get lost there, Im curious about this and I would like to know more about this if it's true.
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Re: Mt. Fuji and haunted forest? 2012/7/16 08:26
The forest is called Aokigahara. It is a fact that Aokigahara is a "popular" place for suicides. I assume that places like this are easily considered haunted by many people.
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... 2012/7/16 09:02
You can watch a documentary on it here:-
Japanese with English subtitles.

Warning: It does contain some graphic/disturbing scenes.
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Re: Mt. Fuji and haunted forest? 2012/7/16 09:52
Aokigara Jukai is a very quiet and solemn place, the trees growing on top of the lava have exposed roots and it looks almost magical and "hobbit like". Many people do commit suicide there, and there are lots of scary stories and some movies based on the idea that it is haunted. I don't know why exactly it is so popular for suicide, but I was told by locals that originally the idea was that it was attractive as a suicide spot particularly because it is so easy to get lost and never be found. Also I heard that because the ground is covered in lava that compasses don't work out there, so it is kind of a "walk into oblivion and there is no way out." When the workers look for bodies here, they follow a rope into the forest so they can lead themselves back out. If you come here to see the forest, do not walk off the trails. However, that being said, the forest is very beautiful and there are many nature trails (Tokai Nature Path, etc) used by tourists, school groups, etc. A nice place for a short walk through the woods is at the Lava Cave Fugaku Fuketsu, and the trails are well marked. I love going for walks in the woods. OH and by the way, the hooey about it being a "treasure box" forest, that many suicides leave large sums of money and valuables in the forest is not true. I don't know where that story came from, maybe someone found a wallet with money once or something. The most you will usually find in the forest is pill bottles, shoes and suicide manuals.
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... 2012/7/16 11:01
The video is on Vimeo too
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Re: Mt. Fuji and haunted forest? 2012/7/16 19:10
Can you bike on these trails? In the documentary, it says the trails are open for the public.
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