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Need an opinion 2012/7/17 00:40
Hi everyone,

Here is my question. My boyfriend is japanese and we have been dating like 3 months and its a long distance relationship. I have decided to sent a gift to him out of nowhere, not for b-day or anything but I wanted. Is this normal for Japanese people in general cuz he asked me the reason many times which I don't have any. Another thing is my gift was a handmade waist belt. Not really unique maybe but I use a special buckle after I figured out that he loves that thing. I am not sure if he will like it or not. Would anyone mind telling their thought about it.

Last thing is that I read somewhere else that gift wrapping is really important for Japanese people. Is it tru?
by MintakA  

Re: Need an opinion 2012/7/18 18:27
To MintakA

Nice to meet you.
I may be wrong because the answer is not good at English.
In that case I'm sorry.

That the wearing of handmade goods is to simply happy.
I think he feels a happy to me that using his handmade goods.

'gift wrapping' recently about, but has evolved to simplify, the Japanese may be to focus on 'gift wrapping' when a gift especially in women.

I hope that answers your question.
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Re: Need an opinion 2012/7/19 00:55
Another thing is my gift was a handmade waist belt. Not really unique ...

I think you gave him the perfect gift. The fact that you made it yourself makes your gift special and unique. To most people it would mean a great deal.

Good luck!
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Re: Need an opinion 2012/7/22 03:51
To Seamonster and Boniboni;
Thank you for taking your time and answering.
Hope that he will like it.
About the wrapping I can not do any thing that the post officer warned me that the gift will be probably open at custom due to safety and security issues. I don't how he will receive the package.
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