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Internet cafe in Tokyo ? 2004/5/24 06:50
where can I find internet cafe in Tokyo?
Tanks for answer
by Rony  

internet cafes 2004/5/25 18:30
rony, there are many internet cafes in tokyo. a lot of them are 24, and can be found in places like shibuya and shinjuku. good luck.
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Manga Kissa 2004/5/26 21:39
Now most internet cafes in Japan turn into ''Manga Kissa, or cafe'' here.
You can read Manga, use the internet, watch DVDs, and free drinks except alcohols.
Some are equipped with even showers!
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Hello Net Cafe & Comic 2004/5/31 16:31
The manager is extremely rude, be aware
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. 2004/5/31 19:12
What happened? How rude to you?
It is highly likely that nobody can speak English or no English instructions are there, though.
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Or 2004/6/1 08:57
now you'll have to register your membership in most Japanese internet cafes to prevent cyber crimes, so you might have some difficulties to do that.
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Re;''Internet cafe in Tokyo ?'' 2004/7/5 20:47
Hi! Nice to talking to you. I'm working at trendy internet cafe which established this 18th June. Here is about 5min from Ebisu station.
Along ''MEIJI street''& near the ''Shibuyabashi'' crossing.
9th floor of ''Hiroo office building''.
Buisiness time/ 09:00am-23:30pm(mon-sat)/09:00-23:00(sun).
Mail addres;info@primedesk.jp
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to nabe-san 2004/7/6 11:30
it seems to me that you internet cafe is like a business center service at hotels.

what's "trandy" in your cafe? any well-mannered english speaking staffs? any computers with english OS, softwares and keyboards? any english manga?
before you advertise your cafe, you should have described more about it.

i'm afraid some people misunderstand that japanese internet cafes would be that expensinve.
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usb access? 2004/7/23 23:12
can i use the USB ports on the machines to download pictures from my camera's flash card using a card reader?
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Toyko- FREE or CHEAP internet cafe 2005/10/15 04:30

Anyone knows if there is FREE internet cafes or access in Tokyo? Or is there a cheapest place where i can access to internet. Please advice. Thank you.
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. 2005/10/15 05:17
Nothing is free, most internet cafe's require you purchase at least a drink or coffee. The cheapest place I can think of is find a Kinko's.
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... 2005/10/15 15:14
There usually is at least one internet cafe near most train stations. Some require you to register, but many don't. You pay for the hour (usually around 380 yen) and then for every ten or fifteen minutes, or you can choose one of the many 'packages' they have, like 3hrs, 5hrs or all night. Soft drinks are free of charge...
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Cheapest... 2005/11/6 15:18
The cheapest internet cafe i know is Manga Okoku in Shinjuku(Kabuki-cho1-25-3-2F,near Seibu-Shinjuku Sta.).
You pay 40 yen for every 10 min(240yen for 1 hr). you can use DVD-R/RW in some PCs and print your doc.
And no free drink. Buy beverage in advance.
3 hr packages - 590yen
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Internet Cafe 2006/1/3 07:37
I suggest using Manboo. I am writting this from a Manboo as we speek. It`s very nice and I am enjoying myself. It`s warm in here and outside is cold. I have to leave soon to go to Osaka but, I am very happy to be at this manboo. In Shinbashi. Anyways. Manboo and Gera Gera I suggest. Usually they have instructions in English and a good night pack. (5 hours for 1000 - 2000 yen) I perfer manboo because it`s a little more roomier and has TV and computer and PS2. You can tell a manboo from it`s logo. It has a giant yellow fish and the font is the yahoo font.
www.manboo.co.jp if you can cruis the web page because it`s only in Japanese. Manboo and Gera Gera are only found in big cities. If you are going to a small city it will most likely be by a private owner not a chain. Good luck!
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look up! 2006/1/3 16:07
my advice when you're looking for an Internet place in Japan is to look up!! They are usually on about 7th floor of a building. Can you read Japanese - インタネット is what you're looking for on the sign.
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Internet cafe in Hakodate 2006/4/5 17:42
Is there internet cafe in Hakodate? If yes, where are they located. Thank you.
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Starbucks ? 2006/4/9 22:11

isn`t there a free internet acess point in every Starbuck`s cafe ? I mean when you even by just one cup of tea or coffee then you can go online, can`t you?
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Webcam-equipped internet cafe inTokyo 2006/4/14 17:12
Does anyone know where I can do a web chatting in Tokyo? Seems like most of the internet cafe in Tokyo do not have web camera-equipped computers. Somone told me that these cyber cafes do not want their places to be loud with chatting voices so they do not offer web-chatting on purpose...
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webcams in internet cafe 2006/4/16 03:35
I suggest u buy a portable webcam before u go & taking it with u (don't forget the driver CD). I didn't find any that had them already. if you're going anywhere near Ikebukuro then I recommend the CyberGran cafe in the HMV store there (430yen per hour with free drinks). They even have a machine dispensing hot food like fries.
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.. 2006/4/16 11:42
While not an Internet Cafe, Kinko's (some of them 24hr) have internet ready computers you can use (cheaply too depending on how long you plan on using the computer).
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