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How Long to See Inujima? 2012/7/17 23:54
Inujima is not very big, right? How long does it take to see everything of interest on the island?
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Re: How Long to See Inujima? 2012/7/18 11:39
Inujima is indeed pretty tiny, and there's not much to see other than Seirensho. But the museum is great and totally worth it despite the fact that you will probably spend more time travelling to/from the island than actually exploring it.

Anyway, I would estimate that it takes about 2 hours to see everything (museum and town), so I'd budget about half a day including the travel time to/from the island.
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Re: How Long to See Inujima? 2012/7/18 13:02
Thank you! Your info is very helpful.

Do you know if Naoshima is similar? It has more museums which could add time but I was thinking about trying to see Inujima and Naoshima over a weekend.
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Re: How Long to See Inujima? 2012/7/18 13:17
Naoshima has a lot more to see than Inujima, but you can probably do both in a weekend without much trouble. Make sure to study the ferry times so you can plan efficiently. You're coming via Okayama?

On Naoshima I'd spend about half a day to see the Chichu Museum (try to get there early, there's nothing like being the first person to enter the museum in the morning) and the Lee Ufan Museum, and half a day to do the art houses. The 007 museum is a quick, campy walkthrough, and the I Love Yu sento is also fun and quick.

Try to stay at the Oval in the Benesse House if its in your budget, but I would recommend any of the Benesse House rooms if you can stay there. Its a pretty neat way to enjoy the art.
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Re: How Long to See Inujima? 2012/7/23 21:58
Thank you for your help!

I actually was able to go over the past weekend and did Inujima the first day and then saw everything on Naoshima the second day (except the 007 Museum, which wasn't really a priority anyway). Couldn't stay on the island since everywhere was already booked but they defintely were a great pairing for the weekend!
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