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Japanese bras? 2012/7/19 07:04
I am a little confused about the bra sizing in Japan. Does the number refer to the band size in centimeters? How does the correspond with American bra sizes? I also read that the cup volume is different.

According to Nissen Global's size chart comparison, I'm a 70F (my US size is 32F). I remember reading the the cup sizes in Japan are different from those in the US. Could someone tell me if that sounds accurate to them?

Also - does anyone know where you can buy larger size bras in Japan?
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Re: Japanese bras? 2012/7/19 15:47
If you are busty and not of Asian ethnicity, I think you'd better bring some bras from the US if that's where you're from.

The band size in Japan is usually in centimeters and you surely can convert that to inches. I would agree that the cup volume is different, in my experience Japanese cups are smaller than those of European and US brands. But bra sizing in Japan is even more complicated: you can find sizes S-M-L-2L-3L etc., and I have no idea how to convert this to any other sizing system.

I am quite busty, and the bras I bought in Japan never fit me right (most likely because they are made for Japanese body proportions). Besides, most bras here are heavily padded and embellished, which I don't like at all. Every time someone is coming to visit from my home country, I ask them to bring me a couple of bras!
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Re: Japanese bras? 2012/7/19 19:56

This thread above is a bit old, but the information in it has not changed that much, I'd say.

Someone who wear cup D can wear cup C in the US, for example. I know that much...


Maybe by now a bit larger size ranges has come up in Japan, but the shop name escapes me right now... I'll post again when I remember...
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Re: Japanese bras? 2012/7/19 19:58
I meant to say someone who wears cup D in Japan will be fine with C in the US.

The name of the shop is AMO'S STYLE, now I suddenly remember.
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Re: Japanese bras? 2012/7/19 23:00
Thank you very much! I already do most of my bra shopping at Bravissimo because it's virtually impossible to get small band sizes with large cups in the States.

Does Nissen Global have stores in Japan? Or are they online only?

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Re: Japanese bras? 2012/10/3 17:47
Hi there. I'm interested in picking up a couple of new bras, but not sure if I'd be able to find them here in Japan okay.

I don't live in Tokyo, btw. I live in the Tohoku region in an inaka-like area.

I put my size in a converter and got 100F as my Japanese bra size. Is this size commonly sold in shops in Japan, or will I have to stick to online shopping? I'm not that close to a clothing shop, so I can't really check it out myself.
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