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Glue for skin of Shamisen 2012/7/19 08:28
I am looking for a way to glue a new skin to a
Tsugaru shamisen. The traditional way with
Mochiko is too week. I am looking for a commercially
available glue for that purpose. The name, UPC code,
or a name of a Store that carries it, or web site that has
it, would help.

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Re: Glue for skin of Shamisen 2012/8/6 13:38
I don't know anything about Shamisen so I research it for you. Basically there seems to be reasons to use Mochiko, and you need a special tool to apply it. Other adhesives can easily damage the body of the instrument, and it will end up costing more, or decrease its value the next time you reapply the skin.

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Re: Glue for skin of Shamisen 2012/8/7 20:19
rice glue is not too weak - the glue is stronger than the skin itself. there is an important reason for using it, if you use a different kind of glue you won't be able to remove the skin in the future for repairs i.e. if the skin tears again.

rice glue has done the job for 300 years on all kinds of instruments including shamisen, sanshin, sanxian, erhu etc..
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Re: Glue for skin of Shamisen 2012/9/20 22:36
Research for wheat glue originated from China, found in many larger, traditional Washi paper sourced establishments. This (old-fashioned, preciously guarded recipe of manufacture) wheat glue has a semi permanence to allow precise removal after years/decades (using exact and proper technique) to replace old glued areas without tearing.
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Re: Glue for skin of Shamisen 2012/9/22 00:58

Not only do you need glue but you need special skills to glue skin on shamisen. Some amateurs can make koma but not glue skin.

If there is any reason for you to think that rice glue doesn't suit the climate you live in, find a specialist who works closest to your area. Japanese communities or perhaps even Embassies may be able to assist you.
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Re: Glue for skin of Shamisen 2012/9/22 12:35
This is a unique situation of many such crafts in Japan and China and Korea:
1. You might have to find a store with craftsmen specializing in the trade to have the tools to mend
2. repairing it so they will return it like new-you need an appointment.
3. However, you might not be able to find a Japanese willing to explain the intricate process and with the resources to inform you of such a place. Japan has lots of close knit communities focused on their trade without inking what the others are doing.
4. Mending is a slow process and laborious and you might have to travel to suburbs outside the tourist fields equipped with a map of exact location.
5. Unless a reader with the same interest is reading your quest now, you will have a long search.
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