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Matsushima cruise 2012/7/19 18:27

Can anybody help me answering these questions?

I searched the internet about cruising trip in Matsushima Bay. Most website recommended to take the ferry from Hon-shiogama. It takes 50mins and cost 1400yen as same with taking from Matsushima.
But i am wondering whether it will stop by at Matsushima or not? because in the website, it looks like a loop line. and if it stop by Matsushima and i get of the ferry, will i have to pay twice for the ticket of sightseeing around the bay again?

In addition, i think Basho cruise is very interesting. But there is no price or timetable listed in the website. is it still available? and how can i buy it? And can we get on from Shiogama?

thank you very much in advance.
by Jaoh (guest)  

Re: Matsushima cruise 2012/7/19 20:05

Why not ask official?
e-mail adr page bottom exist.
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Re: Matsushima cruise 2012/7/19 20:08
There is one cruise that goes from Matsushima to Hon-Shiogama and one that goes from Hon-Shiogama to Matsushima. There are also loop ones that doesn't stop anywhere. Those start at either Hon-Shiogama or Matushima

What most people do is take a train to Hon-Shiogama and then the cruise to Matsushima, where they hop on the train again. Of course there are those who do it the other way around. Both stations are on the Senseki Line (Hon-shiogama and Matsushima Kaigan), so you can do either one....
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Re: Matsushima cruise 2012/7/19 20:14
As far as the Basho Cruise, there is an entire page of info on the website. If you're looking for fares, it's considered a regular cruise from one place to another, because the other fare is for a roundbay cruise Matsushima-Matsushima. I'm sure that one includes the ones originating from Hon-shiogama. Sometimes Japanese websites aren't the clearest ones, but you can figure it out....
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Re: Matsushima cruise 2012/7/21 01:07
thank you very much for your help. :D
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