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Where to shower at onsen? 2012/7/20 12:36
My daughter's period is pretty irregular.If her period comes unexpectedly when we are at onsen, she will NOT be dipping in the onsen baths.

My concern is, where should she take her shower as there isn't any shower facilities in the room, at the shower areas in the onsen?
by Concerned Mom (guest)  

Re: Where to shower at onsen? 2012/7/20 19:21
Concerned Mom,

Are you saying that you have booked accomodation that doesn't have a private shower in your room but has a public bath in the building?

If so, your only option is to use the shower or faucet in that public bath. But I'm sure she will be embarrassed if blood starts running across the floor when others are present.

Local women usually either uses tampons or do not shower/bath for the short period of time they are traveling. If neither of this is possible for your daughter, may I suggest you book a room with a private shower or an inn with a bathing room you can use privately depending on the hour.

Hope you all have fun.
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