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Buying Japanese 3DS 2012/7/21 04:55

First, I apologize if this kind of question doesn't really fit here, but I'm seriously considering of getting a Japanese 3DS for quite some time now, because there are some japanese only games I really wish to play.

But I live in Europe, and I'm totally idiot when it comes to electronic. But, at least I know that we have different kind of plug and voltage than what they have there in Japan.

For comparison, we have 230v and socket F, while they have 100 V and socket A/B

So, my question is, what should I do and get so that it'll become possible for me to get and charge my 3DS, if I ever really get one?

Some Adapter, I guess? Also, what kind of risk that I may put my DS on?

Thank you for any kind of help or info that I can get.
by Elis (guest)  

Re: Buying Japanese 3DS 2012/7/21 11:59

The charger of 3DS has a converter.
The input voltage and frequency ranges are pretty much global so you don't have a problem with that.

All you need is a adapter plug that changes the shape of the pins accordingly.

I use and charge an European 3DS without problems here in Japan only by using a EU-to-JP plug adapter.
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Re: Buying Japanese 3DS 2012/7/24 02:56
You should buy the thing which can charge 3DS from USB.
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