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domestic flight from Tokyo to Sapporo 2012/7/26 15:44
I would like to check on the domestic flight from Tokyo to Sapporo in Dec, but there are so many different category of discounted ticket, and i am confused.

could you help?
I am looking at departing Tokyo on 6 Dec 2012 and return on 10 Dec 2012.

by Teo Lay Lay (guest)  

... 2012/7/26 18:27
Jetstar Japan is 12,480 yen return including 20kg of checked luggage.

10,480 yen return if you are just taking carry on luggage.

This is from Narita to New Chitose Airport and back to Narita.

Enjoy your trip!
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Re: domestic flight from Tokyo to Sapporo 2012/7/26 18:56
Here is a list of domestic airlines:

Skymark Airline is low in price as well in services. Furthermore be aware of the minor permitted total weight:

So if you travel with heavier luggages I recommend you to fly with ANA

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Re: domestic flight from Tokyo to Sapporo 2012/7/27 13:04
The above brings up a very important issue - when you have a separate ticket bought in Japan
for such a trip, it will follow Japan domestic baggage rules - max 20kg total (not per bag).
If you want to bring your 2 heavy bags from your home country, you will be hit with big excess bag fees - often 400-500 yen per kilo.
It may be better to store your stuff and retrieve it after you return from your side trip, or else get an airpass that is a conjunction ticket that follows the international baggage allowance. Look into JAL or ANA's option, which are also very cheap:
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... 2012/7/27 13:12
it will follow Japan domestic baggage rules - max 20kg total (not per bag).

Jetstar Japan lets you choose the weight of your checked in baggage when you purchase your ticket.

20kg = 1,000 yen each way
25kg = 1,500 yen each way
30kg = 2,000 yen each way
35kg = 2,500 yen each way
40kg = 3,000 yen each way

Carry on may be up to 10kg within the allowed size range.
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