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Type of food without alcohol and pork? 2012/7/26 20:31
I'll be traveling to japan, specifically tokyo and osaka, this summer with my family and i'm really concerned about eating out in japan. As muslims we cannot consume any pork or alcohol products. Is there a way to avoid these substances without having to go to special halal stores? and generally would it be possible to ask to have foods cooked with out pork or alcohol (such as broths or marinated meats).
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Re: Type of food without alcohol and pork? 2012/7/27 18:03
it's going to be extremely extremely difficult

you will need to find some kind of halal guide to eating

almost all japanese restaurant food contains alcohol in some form or another (mirin, a kind of cooking alcohol)

pork is easier to avoid but even if a place promises there's no pork in the food there is a good chance any sauces you'll eat might have some pork flavoring in them.

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Re: Type of food without alcohol and pork? 2012/7/27 23:48

I've attended Muslims and although it does take a bit of a effort, the difficulties are not at all the likes of "extremely extremely."

All you have to do is to book your meals in advance, just as you would make reservations for ordinary dinners. Tell them that you can't consume alcohol and pork due to being Muslims, and the chef will see to it that you get everything right.

You can even talk to the manager or chef on the spot and they usually can handle it.

Asking a tourist information counter or hotel staff the right pronunciation for "alcohol" and "pork" might help.

Bon Appetite!
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