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Credit card bill payment before due date 2012/7/30 17:08
Can I pay the credit card bill before the due date? Because, now I reached the maximum credit limit but still want to purchase something. But there is no balance in the credit card. So if I pay the bill now, then my credit card will be refilled so that I can use it again for another purchase. It is a common way in most countries. Is it possible here in Japan?
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Re: Credit card bill payment before due date 2012/7/30 19:25

So you have a credit card issued by a company in Japan? If it's a retail-based credit card, such as Credit Saison (affiliated with Seibu) or similar, that they have a counter where you can go and pay in person, you should be able to do that. But in Japan, normally the credit card issuer automatically deducts the amount due on that "due date," so with some companies, paying in person is not really done. If you have a good credit history, one thing you can try is to call up the credit card company and ask if they can increase the credit line.
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