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Tattoo in Yomuriland 2012/7/31 16:28

I have a small tattoo on my hand above to wrist. its basically a god name of india.

Last monday me & my wife tried to enter Youmriland, but they ban us due to that small tattoo, i told them it is having a religious significance, but that dont care,

Can i hide it with a band-aid (its small 1) & then enter the pool ??
i saw some ppl having large band-aid & entering the pool,

Early response highly appreciated
by Sanjeev Kumar  

Re: Tattoo in Yomuriland 2012/8/1 09:36
Waterproof band-aid should be OK.

Nobody is going to try to peel your band-aid to check if you have a tattoo or real injury under it.
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Re: Tattoo in Yomuriland 2012/8/2 23:04
Tattoos are typically associated with the Yakuza, so Japanese people view them rather negatively.

I have a tattoo as well, but it's on my upper thigh. Hopefully I won't run into problems because I usually keep it covered (I wear leggings when I wear shorts and I use men's board shorts when I swim).
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Re: Tattoo in Yomuriland 2012/8/2 23:20
Yes...i googled about that & found same answer about some gangstar group...

My tattoo is on my hand oppsoite side of plam in center..
i think only to hide it with some Band-aid or tie some cloth...
but i am in doubt if they ppl said to remove it & show to them ??
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Re: Tattoo in Yomuriland 2012/8/3 10:26
A bandaid should be fine. No one will ask you to remove it, so you don't need to worry about that.
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