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Gift giving protocol 2012/8/1 03:27
In a few weeks I'll be studying abroad in Japan. I know gift giving is a big post of the culture there and I way to make sure I give gifts to all the right people. The university I'm going to has a pickup service from the airport, should I give any of the staff gifts? And should I have a gift prepared for my Japanese roommate or any of my professors?

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Re: Gift giving protocol 2012/8/1 09:45
I probably would not give gifts to the pick-up staff members. To roommates, yes. If you have any special food - sweets or something - from your town, that can be enjoyed together with your roommate, that would be a nice good-to-see-you kind of gesture. To professors, I'd say, no. Unless you've enrolled into a special seminar of that university thanks to "special" recommendation by a particular professor or something, giving gifts to professors in general might be considered apple-polishing :)
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Re: Gift giving protocol 2012/8/1 10:22
Thank you very much!
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