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Real Estate Business in Japan 2012/8/3 08:28
Anyone can tell me how is the Real Estate business in Japan and what the ROI (Return Of Investment) right now for investor who want to invest in Real Estate in Japan ?
by Kalimu  

Re: Real Estate Business in Japan 2012/8/5 08:10
It's in the toilet...
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Re: Real Estate Business in Japan 2012/8/6 12:30
In Japan, one can not buy a house and expect to get any significant profit from selling it afterwards. The value of the house starts to reduce right after it is bought. Mainly only the price of the land remains the same or possibly increases with time, but that only applies to the biggest city centers.

Japanese houses are expected to last only up to 30 years or so, and the quality of the materials used is quite low.

As for renting, there is an over supply of rental apartments, even in the big cities. It is worse in the countryside. I think the real estate agencies are staying afloat only by unfair "key money" and deposit schemes while cutting the costs whenever they can.... which may deteriorate the homes even more.

Population shrinks but empty homes are a plenty. Lately many RE firms have gone bankrupt.
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