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Height Issues 2012/8/3 13:18
Hi everyone..

I just had a basic question, my boyfriend and I are planning a trip to Japan, and I was just wondering if his height will be an issue for whatever reason, he's 6'4"

Thanks in advance.
by Amanda (guest)  

... 2012/8/3 13:48
Only because he will hit is head in a few places if he isn't careful! Applies especially to castles and old buildings, but also door frames in some areas.

Other than that, no issues.
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Re: Height Issues 2012/8/3 14:31
(Hotel) beds will be short for him at almost 2m length and he might be better off at a ryoukan and layout a couple of futons
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Re: Height Issues 2012/8/3 17:04
My husband is 6 foot 6 inches, but to be honest, he says that they (by which he means folks taller than 6 foot) tend to hit their heads less than those who are a little shorter, because they're used to looking and ducking under nearly all doorways, whereas slightly shorter tallies are not used to it and forget and bump heads!

Looking at all the accomm photos for about a billion ryokans and hotels (ok that's an exaggeration but I looked at so many when deciding then booking out accomm) I didn't see any beds with footboards, so I don't think the height will matter for sleeping regardless of whether you're in Western or Japanese style rooms.

I was curious about how the legroom will be on trains though, as most of my husband's extra height is in his exceedingly long legs. Hoping the legroom is more generous than cattle class on planes...
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... 2012/8/3 17:17
Shinkansen have tons of leg room, even in ordinary class or non-reserved sections. Way more than an economy aircraft and probably closer to old business class.

Most trains in Japan have good leg room in general.

And yes, some beds may be short but you can just hang your feet off the end.

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Re: Height Issues 2012/8/4 13:56
Thanks everyone for your answers.

Another question, and I didn't think to ask when I posted this..

What about my height? I'm 5'9" and I'm almost 100% positive I won't be able to find clothes cause of that or my bust size.. but in general for a girl in Japan at 5'9" even if it's only for 2/3 weeks what'll that be like?
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Re: Height Issues 2012/8/4 14:14
If you are tall, not only look at the head but also look at the feet. If you stay at ryokans, they have Japanese size slippers to change to which may be too small/short. The heels may hang out & uncomfortable to walk around or get cold feet if you just wear socks. Take your own clean slippers like ones from an airplane.
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Re: Height Issues 2012/8/4 14:57
Reading about the problems of tall people make me happy that I decided in my teen years to stop growing before reaching 6 ft.
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Re: Height Issues 2012/8/5 22:29
If you're female, relatively tall AND well-endowed in the bust area, my experience is that you probably want to take your own nightwear/wrap as suggested above.

I only encountered one yukata that fit me without risking my falling out, no nightshirts fit at all, and when I had samue provided the pants were great but the top... not so much :)

Slippers weren't too dramatic a problem as I can wear into a middling mens size.
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Re: Height Issues 2012/8/6 18:04
I'm a 5'9" woman who has lived in Japan more than 10 years. There are plenty of tall younger women in Japan, but the average woman comes up to about my chin. It doesn't cause me issues other than sleeve and trouser length when shopping, so I mostly shop at Zara, Benetton and H&M. Can't comment on clothes for bigger busted girls since I'm not one! :)
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Re: Height Issues 2012/8/7 15:16
I'm 190cms and have never encountered any problems in Japan, with Beds, doorways etc on my nine trips.
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Re: Height Issues 2012/8/7 19:41
I'm about 5'9 or 5'10, who knows, but I never had trouble with staying in the hotels. I've stayed at a ryokan and a western-style hotel.

As for the yukata provided for me...I couldn't wear it. My bust was much too large for it. When doing the onsen thing at the ryokan, I had a nightshirt and pajama pants that I wore down to the onsen area and just changed out of it there since I couldn't use the yukata, unless I wanted everyone to see my cleavage on the way there. lol

That's not the only place I've had trouble. Karate too. My karate outfit was too small at the top, and I couldn't tie it because of my bust size and when at the doctor, same prob with the robe. I could tie it around the waist (which definitely needs to be smaller), but I couldn't tie it at the top because of my bust size.

I'm sure you'll do okay, though but if you are well endowed, I suggest bringing your own things.
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Re: Height Issues 2012/8/9 10:34
I am 5'8 and have a big bust but a small waist. Im not sure about bigger girls with a bigger bust but at DD I was able to fit into all the clothes fine, Ryokan yukata fit me perfectly and the only real issue I found with tops were the sleeves were just slightly short. Not enough to stop me buying though.

As for the height, Yes pants were difficult to find in the style I liked, shoes were a pain as I am a Japanese 26.5 or LL but you can definitely get them if you are not too fussy.
BUT trust me you will be grateful about your height when it comes to a crowded train or elevator. The ability to breath and see over top of everyone is worth the occasional stares or "tall.." comments.
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Re: Height Issues 2012/8/12 00:49
Yes, true enough, general build probably comes into it too. Personally, I have very broad shoulders and so while I am also a D/DD, that goes hand in hand with a relatively large chest size. I guess if I were more petite in frame, I would probably have managed fine.
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Re: Height Issues 2012/8/16 23:34
I hit my head on a low doorway one memorable night - nearly knocked myself out - that was before I'd had a drop of sake - my taller Japanese husband never hits his head on anything.
I am 5'9 and DD. I haven't had any problems with yukata - most ryokan fuss over you & make sure they give you a larger size -most have LL size. If not they at least try to find a man's yukata with a feminine pattern.

At one minshuku the determined elderly owner spent ages finding the right yukata & personally wrapping me up tightly & colourfuly -she was very proud she had me kitted me out so well.

As for men, the yukata may be a bit short for him.
BTW - you don't have to wear yukata, my husband doesn't always change into a yukata in a ryokan, often he just goes down to the bath wearing his normal clothes, has dinner in his normal clothes. It's up to you.

Yes, I find Yukata gape unless you've got an obaasan (grandmother) who can fold the yukata properly & wrap you up right. (It looked fine but I did feel a bit like an overstuffed sausage.)

Slippers have never been an issue - it's not like you'll be wearing them a lot anyway - I wouldn't bother taking your own - they'll have slippers that fit.
For outdoors; Women's Zori sandles for the garden will be too small but they'll have men's zori or geta or just take your own shoes for outside.

Dept stores all have tall & large clothing sections for women & men. But yes, for girls the standard store clothing is too short in the body or tight across the chest. Go for free size, loose, peasant top styles.
Large size shoe shops exist but don't expect to walk into any shop and find stuff that fits.
I wouldn't base my two week trip around clothes shopping.
Plenty of legroom on trains in Japan for tall people.
But you will notice chairs & tables are lower although the Japanese are bigger by each generation - teenagers in the family in Japan are 6ft.
Choose hotels with bigger beds - most hotel websites give the measurements - the better hotels have king size beds. Ryokan are great because of the futon.
No other issues really.
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