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omiyage for japanese teacher 2012/8/5 07:39
Going to Japan next month and I have no idea what to get for my Japanese teacher.

I was thinking about bringing some wagashi for her but I have no idea if she even likes them.

I don't want to give her anything cheesy or cliche.

Any ideas?
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Re: omiyage for japanese teacher 2012/8/6 08:33
When I'm buying omiyage I think it's more important that it's somehow related to where I've gone rather than worrying too much about if they like the flavour etc.
For example my tutor's from a region of Japan that's famous for the Unagi eels so she brought me back these eel flavoured biscuits that they only sell in that region (they're more awesome than they sound, believe me!). She probably wasn't worried about if I like eel or not, it's more that it was something representative of her part of Japan.
So when I went to Matsumoto recently I learned that it's an area famous for fruit, and also Matsumoto Castle. So I bought my tutor some sweets which were apple flavoured, and shaped like the castle!
Normally omiyage shops understand this pretty well and sell things which are particular to that region.
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