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Sumo in October 2012 2012/8/7 17:54
I realise there are no Sumo tournaments running in October 2012 but is it possible to view training or friendly matches, (if such a thing exists)? Or non-tournament matches?

Thank you
by Kavey (guest)  

... 2012/8/7 19:01
There is a Special Sumo Event in Yokohama on Oct 14th:-

Enjoy your trip!
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Re: Sumo in October 2012 2012/8/8 09:36
I too am looking to view some sumo activity or training in October - in Tokyo.
You can visit a local 'beya'. Try Arashio www.arashio.net. 7.30-10am each morning. This website has an English page and details how and when you can go and watch.
This article also tells you how to view:
Looks like fun - think I'll go. Might see you there!
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Re: Sumo in October 2012 2012/8/10 20:35
Thank you both!
Sorry for slow response, I didn't get email notification of responses, which I usually get...
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