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Is Japan actually safe? (radiation wise) 2012/8/7 23:49
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Re: Is Japan actually safe? (radiation wise) 2012/8/8 11:18
Does anyone else question the safety of radiation in Japanese food?

Personally, I am not very concerned with the safety of Japanese food. If you find that you are, its pretty easy to buy things produced in areas unaffected by the disaster. Just read the labels.

And it will help with the stress (probably far more damaging to your health than the radiation) if you stop reading the anti-nuclear blogs like Fukushima Diary. Their reporting is disingenuous at best.
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Re: Is Japan actually safe? (radiation wise) 2012/8/8 12:09
That site is sensationalist and paranoid....

Take the third link: Kelloggs cereal had 19.71Bq/Kg or radiation in it. Sounds high, right? That's until you find out that for general foodstuffs, the maximum "safe" limit in Japan is 100 Bq/Kg, which was reduced last year from 500 Bq/Kg!!!!!!

So the safe level is 5 times higher, and the old safe level is 50 times higher!!!! The safe level for babies is 50 Bq/Kg.

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