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Japanese Wedding Help ? 2012/8/8 01:17
My fiancee is Japanese, and I'm American.
We were wanting to have a Japanese festival theme for our wedding.
I was thinking the bridesmaid's dresses could have Obi, or a short yukata jacket over them...I am not sure. His Japanese friends and family are coming so I don't want to embarrass him if they look stupid.
He doesn't have anything to say on the subject because he says that he is a boy and he doesn't know about girl yukata stuff and says he doesn't know what looks good or bad, and I don't have a female Japanese friend to ask...help? :/ Other ideas are also cool
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Re: Japanese Wedding Help ? 2012/8/8 15:33
How about renting wedding kimonos and have the bride and groom change from the Western wedding dress and suit into the kimonos halfway through the day?
That would be the perfect touch for the Japanese visitors, IMO, and no chance of it becoming awkward.
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Re: Japanese Wedding Help ? 2012/8/8 16:20
His family will delight in your kimono.
But yukata is not kimono and too unformal.
And kimono is hard to wear alone for generic Japanese also.
So how about talk with expert e.g. adviser of hotel or the place.
I agree with Jim, I think renting kimonos with helping you get dressed is good choise.
BTW, Traditional wedding kimono is called "shiro-muku", it's too formal out of shrine.
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Re: Japanese Wedding Help ? 2012/8/9 09:01
What season are you getting married in? If it's not in the middle of summer, yukata would simply be out of place...that is summer wear.

If you are having your wedding in Japan, yes, renting proper kimono would be nice. Where are you getting married?

To be honest, mixing something casual or playful (like short yukata - maybe you are thinking of "happi" coat - or even the theme of a festival) with something solemn like a wedding ceremony, where people in Japan would come attend in "proper," full kimono, might not feel nice to the Japanese side of the family. Speaking from my experiences of having lived outside Japan, I find it quite embarrassing when presented with imitated Japanese style, actually... so particularly if you don't have any Japanese friends you can ask, I would be careful doing things like that.
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