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Checking a Japanese Company 2012/8/11 21:20

How may I check a company in Japan? Are there any online websites available for such purpose?

by kai2006 (guest)  

Re: Checking a Japanese Company 2012/11/1 18:07
HI, you can know if the company is registrated in legal affairs bureau or not.If it is not registrated, the company doesnot exit legally.
You can know it via internet. But you have to know japanese language. shall i investigate for you ?
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Re: Checking a Japanese Company 2012/11/2 00:22
Most of listed companies' website have English page. But there are not many information. Of course, there is never negative information.
When I want to know many information including negative one, I use to search informal site like 2-channel. However, there are fairly fake informations in these sites, too. I must treat them carefully.

If you need business information doesn't the Bloomberg offer such information?
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