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cook-do mabo tofu 2012/8/13 05:11
Hi to those who read this,

I went to this asian market and found some Mabo tofu sauce but I'm having some difficulty with the instructions. If someone could translate it that would be fantastic.

This is the link to what exactly it is:
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Re: cook-do mabo tofu 2012/8/13 09:36
Instructions (for 3 - 4 people/servings), takes about 15 minutes

Tofu (approx. 350 - 400g)
Ground pork meat (about 80g
Long onion 1/3 (about 30g)

- Dissolve the thickener (the powder that comes in a small packet)
- Dice tofu into about 1.5cm squares.
- Chop long onion finely

(2) Cooking the meat and adding Cook Do sauce (use high heat)
- Heat up a tablespoonful of cooking oil in a frying pan, and cook the ground meat.
- Once the color changes, add "Cook Do" sauce, and mix well.

(3) Mixing in the tofu (medium heat)
- Mix the diced tofu, use medium heat, slowly stir and let the sauce simmer.

(4) Mix the thickener and long onion (medium heat)
- Turn off the heat once. Gradually pour the dissolved thickener and mix in, then put in the chopped long onion.
- TUrn heat back on, slowly stir, and once it gets to simmering again, it's done :)
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