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Looking for Music Video/song 2012/8/16 10:42
Hi, I looked through some of the request/question forums on this site and it gave me hope that someone here might be able to recognize who the artist and song name of this music video is.

I am only going to be able to describe some/most of the content of the video but i do not recall the artist or song title, so please help me find it!

here is all that i can remember about this song.

This is some, if not all of what happens in the Music video (MV)/promotional video (PV)

A Japanese couple lives in a pretty quiet neighborhood and we basically follow them on their date/day out. (I don't remember the order of appearance). The couple comes across a woman who is taking a walk with her baby in a carriage, the baby loses her and shoe and the Japanese couple that we're following finds the woman and gives the shoe back, the Japanese guy gets a superball/bouncy ball from someone and he accidentally lets it roll into tall grass while walking near a river, they come across someone flying an RC Helicopter and they find the RC crashed and help the owner. When the couple gets home their neighbor is rushing to the hospital because their neighbor's waterbroke, they get tickets to a concert from the people going to the hospital and the MV ends with the couple enjoying their time at a concert.

There was probably some other events but I can't remember all of it, haha. There was a scene with a watermelon too and i the Protagonist couple gives the watermelon to the neighbors or receives it, i forgot.
anyways, If anyone has any clue as to the song name or the Artist of the song please help.

More info:
The song was male vocals and it had an Indie Rock feel to the song.
Oh, also I think the concert the couple went to at the end was actually the band of the MV itself, so when it showed the concert they were actually singing the song that the MV is supposed to show.

if someone is able to recognize this i would be most thankful, i have been trying to look for this song for 2 months now.
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Re: Looking for Music Video/song 2012/8/17 01:12

Finally, I found it!!

I think this is Kachoufuugetsu "花鳥風月" by remioromen "レミオロメン".
this is fifth album in 2010.

I checked on youtube, I saw couple, RC Helicopter, superball, woman and baby sock.
but no watermelons...they were pumpkin. :)

I wish this is the one you have been trying to look for.


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Re: Looking for Music Video/song 2012/8/17 04:42
........I am at a loss of words...... really, words can't begin to describe how grateful i am for this, hahah.

it was in 2010 that i first heard this song and it apparently got deleted (a lot of japanese PV got deleted on youtube actually), it was about 2 months ago that i suddenly remembered this song and wanted to download it but I didn't know who made it or the title itself, so again, I am soo thankful for your help!

You don't have to read this but I've been on sites like JpopAsia, YAhoo answers (I made a new account specifically for the purpose of asking that question haha), no one could help me. Especially JpopAsia, that site is so useless, it's just a site where stupid fangirl/fanboys who only know about mainstream and visual kei gather, they don't really know anything about music like this.

Well I should stop talking nonsense now.

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