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How/where can I learn to sing Min'yo style? 2012/8/17 06:59
I am in love with the way traditional Japanese folk singing sounds. I love the way the singers make their voices almost stutter or break and then go back into a slow, irregular vibrato. That style of singing gives me a very nostalgic feeling (don't ask me why, I have no idea) and it is so beautiful. I would give a lot just to be able to find out how to make my voice like that. Even simple exercises would be helpful. I would ALSO like to know where one would be able to find lessons in the United States (esp. California). I have been searching all over the internet just to find something of this ilk and have had no success except for performances on youtube and a Wikipedia entry that contains statements that need citation, so any information at all would be wonderful. Thank you very much for taking the time to read this.
by Manekimeganekko (guest)  

Re: How/where can I learn to sing Min'yo style? 2012/8/17 22:58
Hi Manekimeganekko-Sun,

Thank you for your interest in Japanese traditional Minyo w.

I found 2 schools in CA.
One is in Daly city and another is in Sacramento.
I don't know if these school are opened or not.
Including e-mail add is not perdoned in my answer, is iit?
so, I can't write these school's contacts.
ibut here are their names.

*Sakura Minyo Douko-Kai
*Fujimoto-Kai of San Francisco

I hope this small information will help you.
Good luck,
Thank you
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Re: How/where can I learn to sing Min'yo style? 2012/9/4 11:20
Hello, a few things:
Sakura Minyo does folk dancing but not singing. They are very active.
If you live near Sacramento, there is a 'talent show' of traditional Japanese music and dance in the fall. It is at Buddhist Church of Sacramento. I think the day changes each year. It is a good place to see lots of singing styles.
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