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Macross toys on Tokyo 2012/8/18 21:32
Iam a big fan of Macross. I will visit Tokyo in April. Where is the best place to shop for Macross toys please? Thanks?
by Paelert  

... 2012/8/19 09:49
Not sure if you know this site?

Search the forums for Tokyo or Japan or Akihabara and you will find a few useful threads.

Here's one:-

In general, try the Mandarake stores and probably some of the stores in Akihabara including Yodobashi Camera.

I'd probably try some of the stores (including Mandarake) in Nakano Broadway too

Enjoy your trip!
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Re: Macross toys on Tokyo 2012/8/19 12:34
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Re: Macross toys on Tokyo 2012/8/20 14:12
I was going to suggest just going to Akiba (Akihabara) and looking around the place for the entire day. You'd definitely manage to find something Macross-ish there.

I did go to a shop called Toys Golden Age, and I'm pretty sure you could find something Macross-oriented there. I found some old Sailor Moon stuff and got it at a nice discount.
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Re: Macross toys on Tokyo 2012/8/21 01:55
Will try there. Thx!
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